4 Unusual Noises that should make you suspicious during a test drive

Buying a used truck can be a chancy affair if the truck doesn’t match what you bargained for. It’s not always easy to diagnose certain hidden transmission-related problems in most poorly-maintained used cars for sale St Cloud MN has to offer. Nonetheless, the noises below will easily help you identify them.

Whining noise

A whining noise emanating from the front of the transmission indicates a failing transmission oil pump. A truck’s transmission will whine if its oil pump works harder than it should. This usually occurs when the transmission filter is clogged or dirty. A failing transmission filter whines when engaging any gear and the whining sound is directly proportionate to the speed of the engine.

 Clunking or banging noise

If you move the shifter lever from the ‘park’ gear into any gear and hear a clunking or banging noise, check the transaxle or transmission. The clanging noise comes as a result of chipped or broken gear or missing transaxle hard parts. If the main shaft bearing is extensively worn, the transmission will produce a clunking sound when shifting gears. Besides, a damaged CV axle in a front wheel drive or a worn U-joint in a rear wheel drive also causes a clunking sound in some used cars for sale St Cloud MN has today.

Gurgling noise

When the transmission fluid is overfilled or low, expect a gurgling transmission noise. If the previous truck owner kept transmission contaminated or transaxle full of dirty automatic transmission fluid, the gurgling sound will be even louder. The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) asserts that about 90 percent of transmission problems that some second hand cars in MN are fluid related.

 Grinding or growling noise

Used cars for sale in MN with a chipped or cracked gear will produce a grinding or growling sound accompanied by irritating vibrations when driving. If the final drive gears are faulty, the transmission grinding sound will increase in pitch or get louder as the truck accelerates. If you don’t correct the grinding noise immediately you detect it, you risk incurring higher repair bills or even complete transmission failure. Check out http://www.eichvw.com/UsedCarsForSaleStCloudMN

Deep knocking noise

This kind of noise is a sign of a serious trouble. If you notice such noise during a test drive, you should be concerned even if you are dealing with dealers who sell the best used cars under 10000 in MN. The noise could imply that a certain part of the inner side of the car’s engine is worn out. If the rod bearing of the car is completely worn out or has become very loose, the bearing may fail after sometime. You should therefore avoid buying the car until a qualified mechanic properly tests diagnoses and repair the damaged area.

Assessing the general performance, roadworthiness and drivability of most used cars for sale St Cloud MN has to offer requires ardent attention to the unusual noises above. If you detect such noises during a test-drive session, get a competent mechanic to inspect the entire transmission system. Ignoring the above noises will subject your truck to more aggravated transmission problems. Read more at Eich VW