Why Should You Drive an LDV

As one of the most recognised commercial vehicle brands in Europe, LDV guarantees car owners in Brisbane an excellent and reliable vehicle on the road. Whether they choose an LDV D90 SUV, LDV G10 Van, and other LDV vehicles, they are sure to feel the driving difference.

So if you are planning to acquire a new vehicle or a people mover, you should get one from LDV motors. There are several beneficial reasons to drive one.

Why Drive an LDV

Easy financial assistance

Brisbane’s LDV Automotive offers LDV Finance where customers can take advantage of several financing solutions–commercial loans, asset loan, asset hire/purchase, finance lease, and novated lease.

If money is the one thing that keeps you from owning an LDV 4×4, you’d be glad to know that there is a solution for your specific circumstances. Just speak to any of the specialist business managers of LDV dealerships.

Practicality and comfort

Despite the general shift towards SUVs, the demand for people carriers is still strong and high. This is especially true in the commercial world where practicality is a priority.

One of the brand’s most popular people carriers is the LDV G10 People Mover. It can comfortably seat 7 to 9 people, depending on the version you choose. Families or a group of employees can travel together in comfort.

It boasts of a 165-kW twin cam turbo-charged engine that is paired with a ZF 6 speed automatic transmission. Together, you get an exceptional drive that is made even more exceptional with in-car equipment that will make long-haul travel less painful and stressful. This includes a 6-speaker entertainment system, 7-inch LCD in the dash, and a DVD player.

When it comes to design, the body is from the world famous Turin Design Centre that is known for its refined Italian design and styling. The G10 People Mover is available in Blanc White, Aurora Silver, Obsidian Black, and Champagne Gold.

Smooth driving

Even when you drive the LDV V80 Bus, it will feel like driving a compact even when it is fully occupied. Thanks to softer suspension, driving the vehicle is quieter and smoother.

It has been also been test-driven on uneven back roads and the results remain the same. Suffice to say that the size hardly mattered where driving performance is concerned.

Without a doubt, an LDV vehicle is an excellent choice. But which model or type should you choose?

How to find the right vehicle for you

  • Assess your needs. If you will be carrying many passengers regularly, for example, a people mover is a good choice. If you drive long distance daily, a fuel-efficient car is best.
  • Set a budget. Even with financing solutions available, you still need to gauge your ability to make repayments. So make sure to know your budget and stick to it when purchasing a vehicle.
  • Lease or buy. The former is good for when you drive an expensive car for less money or you see yourself switching cars every few years. The latter is recommended if car expenses provers lower in the long run or when you want to modify the vehicle to your taste.

Once you find the one, make sure to take it for a test drive before you commit to being its next owner. See more at http://www.brisbanecityldv.com.au/